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The International Fashion Schools Directory was created to help students locate the most prestigious fashion colleges on all six continents.

Selecting the best fashion college in the world is the first step in achieving your goal to succeed in this creative, exciting, and lucrative industry. Whether your desire is to work for one of the leading fashion companies or it is to explore your own entrepreneurial spirit, we're here to assist you in researching your educational pursuits.

Our professional staff possesses over five decades of experience, education, and expertise in the fashion and related industries. In addition to our research of the colleges that are listed, our staff has visited many of them. We strive to provide you with valuable resources that will assist you in your goal to find the college or university anywhere in the world that best suits your individual needs.

We would like to express our appreciation to all the colleges listed in our directory for their continuing support in our global endeavor. Our directory is meant to guide students interested in the fashion industry to the best fashion school located near you or in a country that you would like to adopt as your own.



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